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Vision & Values


Creating Tomorrow academies Trust is an inclusive community of learners building the skills and confidence to succeed in a changing world.

Compassion  Achievement  Responsibility  Respect 

We show compassion by: 

Understanding differences 

Helping & supporting others 

Forgiving mistakes Using kind words 

Co-operating with others 

We achieve by:

Attending school Being ready to learn 

Working to best of my ability 

Embracing opportunities 

Aiming high 

We take responsibility by: 

Owning our behaviour & being truthful 

Reflecting on our actions 

Being ready to help others & be helped 

Being ready to listen & learn in lessons 

Looking after the school

We show respect by: 

Using appropriate language 

Following instructions 

Keeping hands & feet to self 

Keeping yourself & others safe 

Looking after property & equipment 

Our Vision:  
  • To create a learning journey from 0 to 25, for all children and young people  
  • For every child to become confident, capable, resilient, aspirational members of their communities.  
  • All learners will be challenged to be 
    • Successful Learners 
    • Confident Individuals  
    • Responsible Citizens 
  • To develop an effective learning community that provides an excellent education for our pupils through highly effective collaboration based upon mutual support and challenge, across special and mainstream schools.